Lessons from photography

During the height of the Covid 19 pandemic I picked up photography. A friend of mine encouraged me after seeing some photos I took with my mobile phone. 2021 has long come and gone, however, here a few things that I have been learning and or reminded of during my photography journey. 

1. If you want to learn something new, just start.

There is no reason to sit around and wonder if I can, or if I would be good enough. The only way to know, is to start.

2. Beauty is everywhere, even in the ugliest of spaces and places.

I have been to garbage heaps, dry spaces, gardens. Beauty can be found if I look for it.

3. Only I can determine what is beautiful to me.

The old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is true only I can determine what I consider beautiful.

4. Somethings are better experienced than captured.

I have really grown to appreciate, just allowing things to be in my memory only. That moment, scenery, person or flower is just as beautiful in my mind as on a screen or printed picture.

5. Having multiple lenses/views is good for perspective.

I am getting better at appreciating different perspectives. I see much clearer and understand better.

6. Having multiple lenses/views can be bad, too much choice.

I have come to understand the Nike slogan “Just Do It” and the power of one. It is good to have options, however the power of one makes life much simpler and also brings out a level of creativity. 

7. Know which lens/vision to use when.

Having tools is useless, if I don't know why I should use it, when I should use it and where I should use it. Get to know the resources I have.

8. Sometime I just need to zoom in to understand

Getting a closer look can really cut away a lot of clutter and misunderstanding. This works for conversations, ask  for clarity.  

9. I need light.

This is kind of self-explanatory, I can't function too well without light. 

10. Too much light is not always good.

I think too much of anything is not good. Too much heat, too much cold, too much light spoils a photo. I need balance.

11. A mentor is not there to validate your every decision but to guide you to find your own eye.

My mentor to this date has never said “yea this nice” or “good work”. He always asks me question. Why did I choose this lighting? Why did I choose this angle? What is the story I am trying to tell? He is not being harsh, but he is causing me to focusing on improving and thinking in a deeper way about the choices I make. I appreciate that. 

12. Not everyone is happy about your development.

This is a harsh reality of life. Not everyone wants to see me progress. I live with it and move on. 

13. Darkness is important.

Some of the best growth and development take place where the light is not shining. It is difficult, but when I look back I see that some of my best songs and best development took place when I was in dark moments.

14. Being still is very important.

Being active is good. I now know that to get a solid view and perspective I need to stay still. Movement cause blur. I need to just shut up and be still for the best view. 

15. Only I can truly explain my story, everyone else is assuming.

Nobody else knows what I truly feel and experience. Therefore I am the best storyteller. I am the only person on the planet than can tell my story, I won't leave it to another person to misrepresent my view and perspective. 

What journey are you on? What is it teaching you?






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