From the recording In This Together

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Title: In This Together
Words and Music: Stephen John
Copyright: COTT 2020
Published: S2J2 Publishings

Recorded at:
• Heaven Sent Productions
Trinidad and Tobago

• Government Plaza Auditorium
Richmond Street Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

• Prospect Entertainment
Oropune Gardens
Trinidad and Tobago

• Plug and Play Studios
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

• Silly Jazz Studios
Brooklyn, NY

• Suburban Cowboy
Wakefield, Rhode Island

• Mango Media
Antigua & Barbuda

• Rusk Sound Studios

• Fisherman Project Studios
Diego Martin
Trinidad and Tobago
• Executive Producer:
Stephen John Jr.

• Producers:
Charles Ryan, Stephen John

Recording Engineers:
• Daniel Bishop, Katsunari Imai, Charles Ryan, Stephen John, Antonio Diaz, Kenzy Piersaint, Camille Harris, Grant Maloy Smith, Lesroy Byers, R.L “Nathanael: Hamilton

• Mixing Engineer:
Jeff Pitzer
The Flood Zone
Nashville Tennesse

• Mastering Engineer:
Martin “Mice” Raymond

• Chorale Arrangement:
Michael Hudlin

• Musicians

Keys: Charles Ryan
Bass: Andre Jack
Drums: Jonathan Hensley
Guitars: Theron Shaw
Tabla: Shiva Manick (Feature)
Flute: Susan Craig Weinsberg (Feature)

• Vocals
Stephen John
Vaughnette Bigford
Mekaiel Gonzales
Camille Harris
Faith Otey
Junior “Naycha Kid” Edwards
Erica Rabner
Sade Sealey
Grant Maloy Smith
Uwi Arts Chorale
• Art and Direction
Rondel Charles

• Graphic Design
Creative Room

• Video Editing
Luna Vista


Times are so uncertain, so many people dying
What are we gonna do?
Our hearts are so uneasy, with fear of wars and disease,
That's all I hear on the news.
Looking out my window, how beautiful this world use to be.
Fear of Living, fear of dying
But I want you to know.

We're all, we're all in this together.
We're all, neighbours.
If I help you and you help me, we can overcome this tragedy.
Giving more, no more greed
We can overcome this tragedy.

2020 mind games, feelss like the world falling, what are we gonna do?
Virtual connections, but socially we're distant, I'm near but far from you.
Looking out my window, how beautiful this world used to be.
Fear of living, fear of dying.
But I want you to know.

We're all, in this together
We're all, neighbours
If I help you and you help me
We can overcome this tragedy.