How Did We Get Hair?


Growing naturally from the roots of blackness, curling like the cerebrum encased below.

People once thought to be less than human, illiterate, savages.

How did we get hair?


Centuries of innovation, decades of mathematicians, years of oceanic navigation.

Crossing channels, like the rows of corn neatly parted on my crown. 

How did we get hair?


From sharing knowledge with humanity, to fighting, shedding blood to enter a university.

Still in 2023, I look at brick and mortar laid by the hands of my ancestors and wonder…

How did we get hair?


Peeping through your stained window

Wanting to use the other word for donkey

However, I will keep my dignity and my class


Hair! Is not where I want to be. 

Hair! Is not where we should be as a society.

Hair! Cannot be the measure of my humanity.

Hair! Is not the measure of my character.

Hair! Is not a moral barometer.


Oh…the Trinity of curls, roots and cerebrum beneath.

Has me thinking, in 2023, futuristically begging the almighty.

Please, don’t let 2024 leave me without and answer, to this question

How Did We Get Hair?


Copyright Stephen John 

June 29th 2023