Daddy Thoughts


I prayed over you in the womb before I saw your face.
I sang songs that made you dance and run and giggle in that wee little space.
A boy? A girl? Who could tell? Anxiety grew inside, all that mattered was ten tiny fingers... ten tiny toes and a killer screaming cry. 

Diapers by the dozen, bottles by the case. Sleep!? What's that again? There is no escape.
Cries turn into chatter, little feet walk and run. A stumble, a fall, I secretly watch, get up, get up my child, you're ok, come on run... 

Fingers scribble on paper, "daddy that is you", numbers are easy 2×1=2!!
Lunch kits all packed, after school chats, secret stops for a snack.
Cheering from the stands for Cricket, Gymnastics and Track. 

Disagreements, disappointments, apologies, can you forgive me please? Daddy does not always get it right, though I try with supernatural might. 

Some days it feels I failed, some days I am amazed, some days I feel accomplished, then shudder at the work unfinished. 

One day you all will fly away, I will trust God with the rest. Knowing as your daddy, I would have done my best. 


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