Patiently Weighting


I have been in many situations where things don’t go as planned, where there are delays or where things just move rather slowly. I have been told that I am overly patient, many times to my own detriment. 

I have still been giving thought to my ability to not become anxious and or irritated when I experience delays. 

Weighting implies importance, something that is given priority. It speaks to special allocation, allowance made in special circumstances. What do I give priority to when there are delays? What do I emphasize while I wait? The issue isn’t only about attaining and satisfying the goal, but giving priority to my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual betterment. Allocating time and energy to develop softer skills, to adding new skills instead of complaining and or comparing myself to others proved to be the better option. This gave me a sense of contentment and calm that allowed me to keep working. 

Patience is not the easiest virtue to develop and apply. It requires a disposition that goes against the need to immediately gain relief, pleasure, acknowledgement or fulfilment. The question I have started asking myself while I wait is “who am I becoming?” 

We all desire things to go well, but very often life has other plans. We don’t always get what we want, how we want it, where we want and when we want. One reason for this is the fact that many of our goals require the assistance of other individuals for them to materialize. I acknowledge that I can acquire the things I want quickly if I wanted to, however, who am I becoming?

If I get that dream job, would that make me kinder? If I get the acknowledgement, would it make me less selfish? If I can get the relationship I desire, would it make me more loving? 

What if I got all that I desired, would I be altogether healthy? The comfort and relief of getting the things I want immediately, was contrary to the growth that I needed. Learning to control my unhealthy desires, learning to be tenacious and learning greater assertiveness only occurred when I had the right attitude while I waited. Placing the priority and emphasis on learning, growing and becoming more self-aware, was of greater benefit than attaining whatever I was waiting on. This allowed me to change my focus from the unfulfilled desire and the disappointment it could bring, to focus on the beauty and gratitude for what I have. 

In my family we have a tradition called the “Thankful Bottle”. Throughout the year we make little notes of things we are thankful for and place it in the bottle. On New Year’s morning, we open the bottle and read all the notes. What this has helped with is recognising that more things often went well than not. It shows us that even while we keep working on our goals, progress has been made. 

I have learned to appreciate every moment and to be thankful for what I currently have. I hope that we all learn to Patiently Weight as we push towards achieving our goals. James 1:4 “Let patience finish its work, that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.


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