Who told you black was ugly?

Who Taught you to fear your skin?

Without black we cannot see the stars.

Without black where would red, green, white and yellow begin?

I know it wasn’t God! because from your beauty all life would begin.

Because from your beauty all life would begin.


Who told you that hair could be nappy?

Who told you kinks were dirty?

Who told you fros were wrong and should be frowned upon

I know it wasn’t God!

For he gave you your hair as a crown.


Who told you, you were uncivilised?

Who told you, you couldn’t speak?

Who told you, you were illiterate, when for centuries you could already read?

Who told you your language was gibberish?

Who told you to change your name?

I know it wasn’t God!

Because he knows and called you by name


Who told you your drum was evil?

Who told you your rhythm was demonic?

Who told you to stop playing it?

And to play their rhythm…their music?

Who told you your music was dirty?

Who told you stop that song?

I know it wasn’t God?

He’s the author of music. he created it all.


Who told you your dance was unholy?

Who told you not to move your waist?

Who told you, you are a sex symbol,

Good for nothing except a nightly fling?

Who told you to stop dancing and taught you their dance instead?

I know it wasn’t God!

Diversity in praise is his plan.


Whoever told you is a liar!

Whoever told you is a thief!

Whoever told you wants to steal, kill and destroy!

Take away what God created you to be.

Whoever wants to rule you!

Whoever told you doesn’t care!

Whoever told you, is ignorant to the fact that God looked at you and said…

“It is very good”


Break free of the shackles

Free your mind of the chains

Let God’s image be seen in your blackness

His beauty…His creation…His and only…His




Stephen John

Published S2J2 Publishings



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  1. Jill Kimmelman
    Jill Kimmelman says:

    I love this poem Stephen. It is, absolutely, by far, one of the finest pieces that I have ever read!!

    I would like to know if a collaboration with a poet, who does not write music ( me ) and an amazingly gifted musician ( you ) holds any interest to you. My poems are diverse in topics and though they are often written in the voice of a first person narrator,, they are rarely based on my own experiences.

    Please feel free to write back any time, share other examples of your songs and lyrics/poems and I will be delighted to respond in kind. I recently worked with a musician from Bulgaria who composed the music and was the vocalist for my very first song entitled “let peace in”. My fiancé handled all of the production details and even shot the photograph, “praying for peace”. I would love to share this demo with you.

    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. You have 2 brand new fans


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