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Weeds In My Garden

I recently visited the airport to see a friend off. While he was checking in I looked out through the glass wall into a well-manicured garden. I soon recognized that there weren’t any visible weeds. This then got me to thinking, what exactly is a weed? A quick check of the dictionary revealed several things […]

Five Sense Living

I shook my purse, dug deep in my pocket One, two, three, four, five, sense. Is that making any sense? How can I live on five sense? Is that even possible? I’ve done it all my life, but, thinking about it, five sense isn’t much.   I went shopping with my five sense, I saw […]

Where Am I?

I recently read this quotation by Anne Lamont: “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” Anne’s quote reminded me of a book my dear mother lent me titled, Pulling Your Own Strings by Wayne W. Dyer (if you […]


  And darkness was over the face of the deep, Steep places where scary things hide. Am I afraid of the dark, or the things that hide inside?       In the darkness of night, my mind runs wild. Making false things appear real, Making trees look like men, the wind sounds like a […]

Beauty In Cages

Cages, a space where we imprison things we fear. A space where danger lurks and we can admire its beauty, From a distance… From afar off I stare, from afar off I am amazed Marveling in the hues of colour, in the strength of the captured.   Locked in and chained Restrained from running free, […]


Small, insignificant, yup that’s a pebble Sticking under my shoe, making me so uneasy. Getting in my sock, just have to get it out. Pebbles in my pigeon peas…crunch!!! Stumping my toe…ouch!!!   One more pebble causes the well to overflow One more pebble to block that leaking hole.   You can avoid a boulder […]

Pulpit of Embarrassment

  As I sit here to write this I struggle to even piece the thoughts together. Should I be totally open? Should I polish it? Should I be tactful? I think openness is healthy, so I will let you all into my world. One of the most painful experiences I have ever had was seeing […]

My Body Is/Was A Temple

My body is/was a temple, a sacred place for me A place of beauty, a space of peace, where I can meet with me Where God and I would converse, discuss and disagree Pondering on the universe, ponder eternity. My body is/was a temple, with wonderfully made Curves, hips, thick lips and thighs Six pack, […]

Testicular Fortitude

Testicular Fortitude     Father’s Day… a difficult time for many, a special time for some to celebrate and a nightmare for others. I wonder, perhaps you do too, why it “appears” that Father’s day has less pomp and ceremony than Mother’s Day. I am not sure if it was always this way or…it’s just […]


Who told you black was ugly? Who Taught you to fear your skin? Without black we cannot see the stars. Without black where would red, green, white and yellow begin? I know it wasn’t God! because from your beauty all life would begin. Because from your beauty all life would begin.   Who told you that […]